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Payback is a book written by one of our loyal customers. Ramon del Villar is well known and highly respected English-Spanish translator in Texas's Southern District U.S. Courts. He is now residing in Houston after he migrated (legally) from his h homeland, Mexico. In this his first published novel, he skillfully brings up to us his expertise, both in the judiciary proceedings and his knowledge of people involved in narco-traffic with very witty remarks about behavior and reactions by Hispanics and Anglos: "You have the right to remain silent. If you speak, anything you say may and will be used against you in court. You have the right to have an attorney…”so starts this thriller in which Mr. del Villar guides us through the inner and awesome steps of a criminal trial, so readers become familiar with terms such as arrest, detention, hearing, cross examination, rebuttal and verdict, so well narrated that it is very difficult to stop reading this novel once you started. He also added a beautiful note about our Puerto Rico 965. 

After dinner, they sat for a while in the salon adjoining the dining room where they were served brandy and offered cigars. The cigars were “965” from Puerto Rico. Roberto soon understood why Don Jose only smoked the excellent and mild 965s. Americans are trying to get Cuban cigars Desperately without realizing that probably the best cigars in the world are made right at home, on the island of Puerto Rico by JFC Tobacco Corporation, makers of the 965 and Hoja Boricua.


We want to personally thank Mr. Ramon del Villar for thinking so highly of our cigar, we hope to continue to provide you and our customers with the best cigars Puerto Rico can offer.