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The Puerto Rico 965 is our Puerto Rican jewel. The number “965” has a worlds of history behind it. Puerto Rico is known for growing some of the best tobacco in the world. With cheap labor crops were found everywhere. Slowly throughout the years tradition was lost. Around 1990 the university of Puerto Rico created an experimental crop taking thousands of acres.  After eight years of growing batch “965” was born. JFC Tobacco bought the whole lot. Since then we have carefully used this tobacco as the filler in our complete line of cigars. Puerto Rico 965 starts off with the...

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Payback is a book written by one of our loyal customers. Ramon del Villar is well known and highly respected English-Spanish translator in Texas's Southern District U.S. Courts. He is now residing in Houston after he migrated (legally) from his h homeland, Mexico. In this his first published novel, he skillfully brings up to us his expertise, both in the judiciary proceedings and his knowledge of people involved in narco-traffic with very witty remarks about behavior and reactions by Hispanics and Anglos: "You have the right to remain silent. If you speak, anything you say may and will be used against...

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