Candela Natural Wrap

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We were able to start our own farm of natural tobacco leaves, and we thought why not make the slowest burning blunt wrap in the world. The Jamaican Candela Original consist of an all natural organic tobacco leaf. A candela leaf is different than other tobacco leafs, because it goes through a specific process. Where right after picking from the field it is hanged in a ranch. Once it is hanged in the ranch we turn on the pits of fire. These pits of fire create that the leaf is then cured and ready for smoking but since this is a sped up process the leaf is able to keep its natural beautiful military green color. After this process the leaf is cooled down and it’s ready to be hand glued with natural hibiscus glue to a blunt wrap. The hibiscus glue gives the product a sort of sweet taste. After this process is finished you’re left with the worlds slowest burning blunt wrap in the world. We call it on the island A fuego lento. 
This product is only sold for the intent to use with our Candela Herbal Blend. Must be 18+ We do not condone any illegal activities.