Clout Oozi

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The Oozi Clip allows you to vape your favorite concentrates easily on any of your existing 14-18mm, male or female, waterpipes. As well as on the go with our portable extra thick glass dome and battery. Our variable voltage battery gives you the option to heat your concentrates at the correct temperature. The dual coils are housed inside a ceramic dish, some of the largest in the industry gives the user more surface area to work with, as well as giving them the option to use a coil cap to reduce mess. Enjoy the ease of sharing and passing around the Oozi amongst friends instead of a hot nail. The Oozi eliminates torches, butane and nails. For a more effortless, user friendly experience. Includes: -14mm-18mm Male or Female Waterpipe Attachment -Variable Voltage Battery (2.5-3.7 volts) -Beauty Ring -Dome -3 Dual Ceramic Coils -Coil Cap -Charger -Dab Tool Ooze Vape Pen Kit Now vape your concentrates portably with our variable voltage battery and ultra thick, heavy duty dome kit. Includes: -Variable Voltage Battery (2.5-3.7 volts) -Beauty Ring -Clout Dome -Two Dual Ceramic Coils -Coil Cap -USB Charger -Dab Tool -Extra O-Rings